Where to start? The best way to learn the details of our mission, and the basis of Measure G, is to read the full initiative.

Understanding the History of oil in San Luis Obispo County and more specifically the Arroyo Grande Oil field, may offer you greater context for understanding Fracking Facts and Dangers. One of the most interesting oil related history lessons can be learned by reading the History of Oil Threats in SLO. In this document you will learn what San Luis Obispo County has sacrificed as a result of oil extraction over the years.

San Luis Obispo County, California, and the world are now at a clean energy crossroads.  As citizens, we do have the potential to control the energy resources within our County and now is the time to stand up and create some NEW RULES for the operation of oil wells.

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Arroyo Grande Oil Field 

Oil Industry

Fracking Facts, Dangers, and Waste Water