Upcycling Corrugated Political Signs

Here are a number of things you can do with Lawn Signs. You'll find lots more ideas by Googling "lawn sign repurpose". We've also been told mixed information regarding recyclable in SLO county. Please try to re-use or donated to a future campaign.

Signs that are gathered in quantity will be used by local beekeepers and maybe others. Gather and hold, and re-use. More information to follow.


School / Home Projects

Anytime you need a backdrop or cutout material, or something to spray paint on or glue on, use the signs.


Use the extra-large signs to construct a kid’s playhouse, fort or two for a tent.


Use a large sign or smaller one to cut out a giant Christmas tree or wreath or other Christmas or holiday decorations, covered it with leftover Christmas tree cuttings (using zip ties) or paint and then wrapped with Christmas lights. Other items, 3-D Christmas village, trees, gingerbread house. Make into a large box wrap with ribbon to look like Christmas presents to put in the yard.

The metal stakes are also a great way to anchor your yard holiday decor from getting blown over in the wind or wrap holiday lights before putting them away for the season.

Re-purpose the signs.

Make a sandwich board.

Cut up the signs to fit in the bottom of those wonderful 99-cent T.J. Maxx tote bags. Gives it a stable bottom, and the board is easy to slip in a folded bag to store.

A great way to promote your yard sale and keep signs off of utility poles! Just repaint with your garage sale details, potluck, street parties, caution signs, kids at play, etc.

Use in the yard or home like a dustpan for leaves and debris.

Make your own lightweight over spray shield whn painting the house of home project - you can use it over and over again.

Target practice signs for archery or spray paint them with numbers to identify certain distances for golf practice.

Why buy white poster board. Paint and have children draw, color, paint, (whatever) pictures, and designs.
Storage box.

Water-proof Bird House