We are a new group of local citizens who have our roots in Arroyo Grande and the Protect Price Canyon group who have been resisting proposed massive expansion of the local oil field operation.  We have grown into a County wide group which is coming together to take a stand against the threats that expanded oil production in our County pose to clean air and our water quality and quantity.  Our Federal and State agencies have failed to protect our groundwater from the underground disposal of toxic drilling chemicals.  They have failed to protect our air quality from the massive emissions of carbon dioxide which impact us locally and atmospherically, hastening and worsening global climate change

San Luis Obispo County is at a clean energy crossroads with the old fossil two lane ending a few miles ahead and the solar energy freeway heading into the future.  Now is the time for all concerned citizens of this County to stand up and create some NEW RULES for the operation of oil wells in our County.  We have the power, through the General Plan Land Use laws to make a real difference in tipping the balance.

Our Action: To successfully qualify and pass an Initiative at the November 2018 election which will prevent fracking, put a moratorium on new wells, and outlaw the underground disposal of toxic oil drilling fluids on all the unincorporated lands of SLO County.

Citizens in San Benito and Monterey Counties passed initiatives similar to ours in the past two years.  Last year in Monterey the Fossil Lobby spent $5.5 million in its attempt to defeat Measure Z which banned fracking, new oil wells, and underground disposal of toxic oil drilling fluids.  Over 300 citizens distributed petitions to qualify the initiative and thousands more voted in favor of it for a 56% margin of victory.  We can do the same here with your help and support.

Join Us:  We are a grassroots coalition of individuals, groups, and organizations across the County who are concerned about the future of our communities and economies, both urban and rural.  The threats to our groundwater basins from oil drilling chemicals and hydraulic fracturing of deep geological formations is real and acute.  Not only do these toxic chemicals have the potential to forever pollute our precious water resources, hydraulic fracturing and deep well disposal of oil drilling wastewater are confirmed causes of earthquakes which can break well casings and cause even more contamination.  Our public health and economy depends on clean water to use in our homes, schools, and businesses; for farmers to grow our food; for hotels and restaurants to serve to our many tourists.  Please join with us to protect SLO County for ourselves and future generations.  

We are a highly motivated and committed small group currently researching and crafting the initiative language .  We need help to grow a county wide network of supporters each City. We have retained the most experienced California law firm in this specific field and will have the initiative finished and certified for distribution in January 2018.  We will need hundreds of registered voters to volunteer for gathering signatures from other registered voters across the County.  We need 9000 valid signatures and our goal is at least 20,000.

Please join with us at this critical time in our history and be part of affirming a vision for the future of San Luis Obispo County and beyond.Support us in any way you can—vote yes in November 2018 to prevent fracking, volunteer to help in the effort, donate to support our cause.

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