Endorsements - Business, Organizations, Individuals

Endorse "YES on Measure G" - Individuals, Business & Organization endorsements are all welcome!


YES on Measure G is endorsed by local business owners, nurses, artists, farmers, educators, doctors and concerned SLO county citizens just like you...



350.org Action

Atascadero Democratic Club

Bend the Arc SLO

California Nurses Association

Center for Biological Diversity

Christian Jones, President, Environmental Concerns Organization

Climate Hawks Vote

Courage Campaign

Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families

Earth Day Alliance, Inc.

Earth Ethics, Inc.

EcoLogistics, San Luis Obispo

Emily Roberson, Director, Native Plant Conservation Campaign

Endangered Species Coalition

Environment in the Public Interest

Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO)

Food and Water Watch

Fossil Free Macalester

Indivisible: Rapid Response Team San Luis Obispo

Morro Coast Audubon Society


Oil Change International

Paso Robles Democratic Club

People of Faith for Justice

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Philadelphia

Power Shift Network

Progressive Democrats of America

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party (SLOCDP) & the California Democratic Party (official endorsement)

Together We Will - Cambria

Sierra Club – Santa Lucia Chapter

SLO Climate Coalition Task Force

SLO Progressives

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now

Sprout Up SLO

The Surfrider Foundation

Women’s March San Luis Obispo



Acropolis Lighting

All Good Products

Allan Real Estate Investments, Arroyo Grande

Apropos Clothing Stores

Arroyo Town and Country Square, LLC

Branch Mill Organic Farm

ClearWater Tech, San Luis Obispo

Gardens by Gabriel

GE FORGE, Grover Beach

Grow Abundant Gardens

Marcia Burtt Gallery

Natural Healing Center, Grover Beach

Pacific Energy Company

Plantera Primal Stoneware Ceramics, Oceano

studio2G Architects, LLP

Templeton Valley Farms

Terrie’s Succulents, Arroyo Grande

Toucan Wines, Arroyo Grande

WRH Research, LLC



Aaron Gomez, San Luis Obispo City Council Member

Abe Lincoln, candidate for San Luis Obispo City Council

Bill Ostrander, Democratic candidate for California's 35th Assembly District, including San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties.

Dawn Addis, candidate for Morro Bay City Council

“Yes on Measure G supports our positive water future. Clean and safe drinking and agricultural water are critical to SLO County’s prosperity. Together, we create the future we want - Join me by voting YES on Measure G in the upcoming election.” – Dawn Addis

Heidi Harmon, Mayor of San Luis Obispo Mayor

“Join me to help protect our precious water, our land, our air quality, and build a future with renewable energy – support the Coalition to Protect San Luis Obispo County - informed voters empower positive change” – Heidi Harmon

Jan Howell Marx, Esq. Attorney and former Mayor of San Luis Obispo

“Measure G is crucial for the protection our County's most precious resource, water, and most productive economic drivers, agriculture and tourism. I urge you to vote YES on Measure G” – Jan Howell Marx

Jen Ford, Co-Founder/Organizer at Women’s March San Luis Obispo

Marcia Guthrie, Pismo Beach City Council Member



Ann Lucas, Professor – Allan Hancock College

Anthony Buffa, Professor of Physics (Emeritus) – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Antonio Garcia, Professor of Geology – Physics Department, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Dr. Cynthia Lewis, Marine Biologist, Educator

David Mitchell, Professor of Physics – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Dennis Judd, Retired History Instructor - Cuesta College

Heather Dine, Educator and Business Owner

Janice Mundee, Educator             

Jean Edwards, Retired Educator

Jennifer Klay, Professor of Physics – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Jessamyn Pattison, Public School Educator

Kathleen Cairns, Educator

Lawrence Edwards, Retired Educator

Lizza Demsetz, Senior Lecturer of Physics – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Michael Bondello, Professor of Biology – Allan Hancock College

Nancy Dwyer, Retired Teacher

Dr. Patrick Len

Richard Frankel, Professor of Physics (Emeritus) – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Tara Dolan, Science Teacher



Alexis Sheffield, Student

Amanda Guard, Vice President at The Surfrider Foundation – Cal Poly Club

Mikaela Mills, Student



Dr. Deirdre D'Orazio

Dr. George Hansen, MD

Dr. Matthew Kim, DDS

Michele Duero, Occupational Therapist

Susan Brigham, Retired RN



Alexis Gharavi

Alfred Vossler

Ann Berry-Gallegos, Owner at ABG Interiors

Angela Borin, Retired HR Specialist

Bill and Cheryl Jenkins

Blaze Elation, Owner at Elationscapes

Carl and Aimee Meissner, Meissner Electric

Carmela Vignocchi

Caron Ray

Chad Moore, Acropolis

Cheryl Storton, Genealogist

Cindy Hansen

Cindy Lamas, mineral rights & property owner in Arroyo Grande oil fields

Corey Blatz

Dave Hudson

David Blakely

Diane Merrick

Donald Aronson

Donna Kimber

Doug Timewell, Farmer

Emily DesJardins, Integrative Health Coach

Franklin Frank

Gabriel Frank, Owner at Gardens By Gabriel

Gina Whitaker

Grenda Ernst

Hilary Langdon, Communications Ambassador, All Good Products

Holly Sletteland

Isaac Wollman, Small Business Owner

James Edmondson

James Morrow

Jane Lloyd, Organizer at Together We Will – Cambria

Janet Strzeminsk0069

Janice Callari, Retired

Jay Bonestell

Jeff Lewis, Retired Aerospace Engineer

Joan Sargen

Joan Schlichting

Joe Mlnane

Joetta Hernandez

John Ewan, President, Pacific Energy Company

Judith Boyer

Judy West, RN

Kathy Myers

Katrina Baumsteiger, Owner, Templeton Valley Farms

Katy Ayer

Kelsey Zazanis

Kim Chaffee, Environmental Activist

Kris Gorsuch

Kristen Whalen

Lalena Daigneault

Laura Bjorklund, Small Business Owner

Laurel Sherrie

Lee Perkins

Loren and Linda Solin

M G McIntyre, Retired

Margaret (P.J.) Webb, Public Interest Attorney

Mary Bonaventure

Marty Brown, Mothers for Peace

Mary Peracca

Mary Stallard

Melissa Enoch-Rex

Nancy Davis

Nancy Koren, Music Teacher and Photographer

Nancy Peck

Nancy Warren

Nick Larson, Band Member

Pete Allen

Reka Vasicsek, Chapter Director at Sprout Up SLO

Robert Skinner

Rosalie Valvo

Ruth Madocks

Savanna Cooper, Auto Tech

Scott Morris, Engineer at Caltrans

Sharon Ripper

Sheila Vossler

Shirley Schaffer, Retired

Spring Smith

Steve Brown

Sue Sunderland

Susan and Casey Case

Susan Dodd

Susan Quinones

Susan Ross

Thomas Bortolazzo

Tom Cyr

Tom Perry, Retired

Vicki Bookless

Vicki Canning

Vita Miller