Endorsements - Business, Organizations, Individuals

Endorse "YES on Measure G" - Business & Organization endorsements and Individual endorsements welcome!


YES on Measure G is endorsed by local business owners, farmers, educators, doctors and concerned SLO county citizens just like you...


Allan Real Estate Investments, Arroyo Grande

Highest Ethical Standards - We do the right things, and we do them the right way. Our goal is to be your real estate agent for life. The only sensible long-term strategy that ensures we will achieve that mission is to operate with absolute integrity.

Apropos Clothing Stores

Arroyo Town and Country Square, LLC

Center for Biological Diversity

ClearWater Tech, San Luis Obispo

The leading designer and manufacturer of energy efficient, ozone generation equipment and related components to serve a wide range of water and air purification applications and markets including wineries, breweries, commercial laundries, swimming pools, spas, indoor air treatment, seafood processing and more.

EcoLogistics, San Luis Obispo

Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO)

ECOSLO is a local, non-profit organization that educates, advocates, and acts to protect and enhance the natural environment and human well-being of San Luis Obispo County.

GE FORGE, Grover Beach

Uncompromised Quality since 1946. Forged from proprietary steel alloy, our tools are made to withstand the rigorous, everyday work of professional farriers.

Plantera Primal Stoneware Ceramics, Oceano

Rotary International – Five Cities ECO

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party (SLOCDP) & the California Democratic Party

YES on Measure G has the official endorsement of the SLOCDP and the California Democratic Party.

As the local Democratic Party, the SLOCDP stands for the overarching tenets of Dignity, Stewardship, Integrity, and the active pursuit of Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice for all, by engaging the community through participation in the democratic process.

Santa Lucia Sierra Club

SLO Progressives

The Surfrider Foundation

Terrie’s Succulents, Arroyo Grande

Toucan Wines, Arroyo Grande

Individuals in Our Community

Alexis Gharavi

Alexis Sheffield, Student

Bill and Cheryl Jenkins

Bill Ostrander, Democratic candidate for California's 35th Assembly District, which includes San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties.

Carl and Aimee Meissner, Meissner Electric

Caron Ray

Cheryl Storton, Genealogist

Cindy Hansen

Cindy Lamas “mineral rights & property owner in Arroyo Grande oil fields”

Corey Blatz

Dr. Cynthia Lewis, Marine Biologist, Educator

Dave Hudson

David Blakely

Doug Timewell, Farmer

Franklin Frank

Dr. George Hansen, MD

Heidi Harmon, Mayor of San Luis Obispo Mayor

“Join me to help protect our precious water, our land, our air quality, and build a future with renewable energy – support the Coalition to Protect San Luis Obispo County - informed voters empower positive change” – Heidi Harmon

James Edmondson

James Morrow

Jan Howell Marx, Esq. Attorney and former Mayor of San Luis Obispo

“Measure G is crucial for the protection our County's most precious resource, water, and most productive economic drivers, agriculture and tourism. I urge you to vote YES on Measure G” - Jan Howell Marx

Janice Callari, Retired

Jeff Lewis, Retired Aerospace Engineer

Jessamyn Pattison, Public School Educator

Joe Mlnane

Joetta Hernandez

Judy West, RN

Kelsey Zazanis

Kris Gorsuch

Kristen Whalen

Laura Bjorklund, Small Business Owner

Lizza Demsetz

Loren and Linda Solin

Dr. Matthew Kim, DDS

M G McIntyre, Retired

Mary Peracca

Michael Bondello, Professor of Biology – Allen Hancock College

Mikaela Mills, Student

Nancy Davis

Nancy Peck

Pete Allen

Robert Skinner

Savanna Cooper, Auto Tech

Sharon Ripper

Shirley Schaffer, Retired

Spring Smith

Sue Sunderland

Susan Brigham, Retired RN

Susan Dodd

Susan Quinones

Tom Perry, Retired

Vicki Bookless