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Thank you to all those who support positive change and a healthier environment.


The Coalition to Protect San Luis Obispo County leadership warmly thanks the hundreds of volunteers and our organizational partners, our donors and our endorsers, who all worked diligently to support an honest campaign.

We thank every single community member who voted in support of a cleaner environment and protection for their county water resources and a future without fracking.

Charles Varni and Natalie Risner, Co-Founders, and the other Leaders of the Coalition to Protect San Luis Obispo County vow to continue the fight and not give up on protecting our precious water resources from the threats of expanded fossil fuel production.

Stand with us, join us, and fight with us to protect our beautiful San Luis Obispo county.


Don't be fooled by BIG OIL lies.

Don't allow the BIG OIL expansion by 481 new wells.

BIG OIL spent 8 million to allow BIG OIL expansion and fracking.

Learn the truth

TRUTH:  Measure G allows existing oil operations to continue.

“Petroleum extraction land uses lawfully existing on the Effective Date may continue as nonconforming uses to the extent allowed under State and local law. Such uses shall not be enlarged, increased, extended, or otherwise expanded or intensified.” (Sec. 2.B.8.a)

TRUTH:  Measure G allows all forms of oil field maintenance.

Allows..”steam flooding, water flooding, or cyclic steaming and…(all)… routine well cleanout work, routine well maintenance, routine removal of formation damage due to drilling, bottom hole pressure surveys, or routine activities that do not affect the integrity of the well or the formation. (Sec. 2.C.9.a)

Big Oil lies are intended to deceive you...

The TRUTH is Yes on Measure G allows existing oil operations to continue for as long as the operators want.

The TRUTH is YES on Measure G allows all routine well maintenance as defined by State rules and regulations, including use of acids for maintenance only.

The TRUTH is YES on Measure G bans new oil drilling and future fracking in SLO County.

The TRUTH is YES on Measure G takes a huge step toward protecting our groundwater resources.

The TRUTH is our county water basins are in overdraft and the central coast drought continues.  We need our water for more important needs than new oil wells.

The TRUTH is BIG OIL has plans to expand in SLO county by 481 new oil and waste injection wells. Oil operations remove 500,000,000 gallons of water from SLO county aquifers every year – do we want that to